Sails and Colours Ahoy !
Now involved in an important phase of creative activity, the three partners of the artists' collective “Souffle Artistique !” (Marie Giroux, Roberta Roy and Olivier Roussat) have found a most rewarding line of work by decorating boat sails with their own paintings. On this Website, you can view a sample of their most recent works.

Proceeding from a basically romantic vision, with an underlying naiveté and occasional touches of humour, the associates go about their work in an uninhibited manner. In so doing, they evoke a world of strikingly colourful shapes and rhythms. The sails take on an almost dream-like quality when the light shines through them, resulting in a blurring of lines between reality and pure fantasy. When looking at their creations, few, if any, will not resist their visual appeal.

After having studied the feasability of the idea, then testing it out, all three were delighted by the considerable, if not surprising response to their undertaking. The themes most used in their work are nautical ones, and understandably so because they are equally interested in fusing their common interests in wind, light and colour. Sails flap, wave and carry onlookers away into a unique kind of show that sends them on a journey of discovery. Because of their non-standard shapes, these sails also lend a new dimension to the artworks, one that is more akin to sculpture than painting.

We now invite you to browse (and breeze) through the pages, so you can discover “Souffle Artistique !” in its various facets, both present and past.

Souffle Artistique or unique artwork on sailing boats!

Happy surfing !
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