The Trio

Marie Giroux (Visual artist and project initiator)
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Hailing from the Canadian Province of Quebec, Marie Giroux is a mainly self-taught visual artist who has been actively involved in her field for the last 30 years. Her interest in art first started as a teenager, and she apprenticed for a while at the studio of Montreal artist Normand Hudon. Her oil paintings, which are best characterized by their mainly cool yet vibrant colours schemes, have been on exhibit for many years now, and in numerous galleries throughout the province. But she is just as passionate about sailing as about art, and many of her works deal with nautical themes. So it only seemed natural for her to put the two together and come up with the novel idea of painting on sails.

But why sails?

Sails are not just mere boat fixtures: they are meaningful objects that evoke gusts of wind and breaths of fresh air, water splashes and effects of light and colour. Just as importantly, they conjure feelings of freedom, gentleness, peace and quiet, and the spirit of creativity that imbues everyday life.

“When considering all of those things, sails become like oversized playgrounds where only the sky is the limit. Having enjoyed boating for several years now, I could foresee myself painting sails one day. It's a wonderful project in and of itself, one that is not only original or off-beat, but is utterly rewarding. These unique works, which are at once figurative and naive in their representations, are not pure oil paintings, but more the products of mixed media techniques. Creating works on these surfaces is an ambitious challenge, but one that is now producing satisfying results.

To get my idea off the ground, so to speak, I was fortunate enough to get two of my friends “on board”, fellow artist Roberta Roy and Olivier Roussat, a sailing buff like myself. I was thrilled when they immediately accepted my invitation to be part of this adventure. So here we are, now charting our course together with many bright moments along the way. Hoist those sails, mates, and anchors away!”
More than 40 sails are presently painted by the "trio" Souffle Artistique and the maritime adventure goes on......Souffle Artistique or unique artwork on sailing boats!

Marie Giroux.

Roberta Roy (visual artist)
Over the last 20 years, this self-taught Quebec artist has specialized in landscape painting, with oils and water colours as her preferred media. Roberta also enjoys taking on new challenges and is active in the arts scene of her community. Not only was she delighted to join Marie and Olivier in this project of painting boat sails, but the experience has made a lasting impression by giving her a renewed sense of artistic freedom.

Raise those sails and … paint!!

“Open spaces have always interested me. Cityscapes, in contrast, tend to mask the horizon. Art enables me then to make up for this lack of perspective by depicting endless spaces. My brushes seem to magically erase all obstacles, even on small-sized canvasses. So just imagine how extatic I am when I paint on sails!

Thus, when I work on such large surfaces, it gives me so much more room to work with, and that much more freedom to do what I want. Once hoisted, I can only admire a painted sail whipping in the wind. Not only that, but the effect of the sun shining through one of these is simply breathtaking. Like a multi-coloured solar X-Ray,the work reveals itself in all its glory. The vivid hues, the oversized shapes, the wonderment of nature and imagination roaming at will entice one to escape towards another port of call… and a new sail to paint.

I am glad to be part of this adventure with my artistic partner (and sailing devotee) Marie Giroux and Olivier Roussat, whose passion for boats is equal to my own artistic yearnings. The mixed media we use do full justice to the larger than life designs that adorn our projects.”

Enough said, just take a look for yourself!

Roberta Roy

Olivier Roussat (a sailing buff and sea lover)
Having settled in Quebec a little over a year ago, this native Frenchman was raised on the Mediterranean coast, where his father initiated him to sailing at a very early age. Not long after his arrival in his new land, he began training as a woodcarver, but got interested in this project of sail painting initiated by Marie Giroux. But before you knew it, he was now part of the adventure himself, and one of three equal partners in this budding enterprise.

Why sails?

“Sails, of course, were the first means of locomotion for boats, and have remained a prime source of inspiration and hope for sailors in all corners of the world. Without them, mankind would never have gone out so far afield and satisfied its insatiable need to know.

With no real training or special artistic abilities, my interest in this project was fueled by shere curiosity. Having lived near water and being a sailing buff, it was only natural for me to meet my eventual partners, and at a time when they were painting their very first sail. My enthusiastic comments prompted me to go back and see their progress. From spectator, I turned into a participant by helping them out in their work, even providing them with some ideas for new designs.

Not long after, I was working with Marie on yet another sail, and from then on, there was no turning back. So, if all good things do come by threes, this is one good example of it!”

Olivier Roussat
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